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The data below comes from testmagic forums and shows accepted, waitlisted, and rejected applicants for 2010 for economics graduate school. Clicking on points in the graph above will make the most recent profile appear in the space below the graph.




urbanecon2011 2011:
Type of Undergrad: Economics and Math Major from a non-Ivy research university in New England
Undergrad GPA: 3.56/4
Type of Grad:
Grad GPA:
GRE:800 math/720 verbal/5.5 writing
Math Courses: A bunch but my grades were all over the place. Linear Algebra, Multivariate, Proofs, Stochastic Calculus, Probability Theory, Statistics, Groups, Introduction to Mathematical Research, Real Analysis I, Differential Equations
Econ Courses (grad-level): None
Econ Courses (undergrad-level): 7 Courses with A/A-, three B+s
Other Courses: Odds and ends. Spent a semester abroad
Letters of Recommendation: Mostly unknown, but one is from a math prof for whom I did an inspired bit of research on Catalan numbers.
Research Experience: Wrote one paper where I was a single author, still being reviewed for publication. Research assistant on a paper that was published in a peer review journal on law and economics.
Teaching Experience: None
Research Interests: Urban economics and all related fields. Passing interest in several other areas, such as econometrics and labor economics.
SOP: Nothing extraordinary, I don't think, although as a native speaker of English with a few writing awards under my belt, I suspect mine would read a bit better than most.
Concerns: Where to start. I was often distracted and unfocused as an undergrad, so I didn't do extraordinarily well in either major compared to most who are applying for economics Ph.D. programs. None of my recommenders are particularly famous. My post-college life has been pretty productive, however, and my GRE scores are where they should be, so I think that should help me.
Applying to: UCSD, Brown, BC, UIUC, Pitt, Irvine, and Syracuse Ph.D., and Cornell's city and regional planning MA as a backup.
Acceptances: UC Irvine, Cornell City & Regional Planning Masters
Waitlists: Boston College, Syracuse (sort of, anyway)
Rejections: UCSD, Brown, UIUC, Pitt
Attending:: UC Irvine
What would you have done differently?
Two things stand out:
1) Gotten much better grades in math and econ. For both majors, I really did a terrible job of spacing out of my course load appropriately, so I was both unfocused and overwhelmed during a few critical semesters.
2) Gotten to know the department better and sooner. I never had many professors I was incredibly close with until my senior year of college. If I had to do it over again, I would have started forming relationships sooner and maybe gotten even stronger LORs.
Like the poster above me, it's been a wild ride; I have no true regrets about any of it, even through the often frustrating process of realizing I needed two years off to burnish my resume, taking two different jobs (one of which involved a couple of 80+ hour weeks), and writing my own academic paper down to the wire. I am very happy to be going to UC Irvine, and I look forward to moving to California come August.
    Acceptances: UC Irvine, Cornell City & Regional Planning Masters
  • Institution: UC Irvine Economics Decision: Accepted!! Funding: Fellowship after a few quarters of TAship (Details to be provided later). Notification date: 2/9/2011 Notified through: Email Posted on GC: Yes Comments: Very pumped. In addition to urban economics, my other area of interest is transportation economics.
  • Institution: Cornell City and Regional Planning MA Decision: Accepted Funding: $6k stipend Notification date: 3/3/2011 Notified through: E-mail Posted on GC: yes Comments: With my UCI PhD acceptance, I will almost surely decline this offer, unless UCI doesn't follow through on their funding.
    Rejections: UCSD, Brown, UIUC, Pitt
  • Institution: UIUC Economics Decision: Rejection Funding: Notification date: 2/16/2011 Notified through: Email Posted on GC: Yes Comments: Disappointing. I had had several conversations with the head of the economics department there, who seemed to think I had a good shot. On the other hand, one of my recommenders was two weeks late in getting in his letter and I can't help but think that played a role. In: UC Irvine Out: UIUC Wait List: ? Waiting on: UCSD, Brown, BC, Pitt, and Syracuse.
  • Institution: Brown U Economics Decision: Rejected Funding: N/A Notification date: 3/11/2011 Notified through: Email to check Embark website. Posted on GF: Yes Comments: This one stings. Brown was my top choice - I really wanted to work with Nathanael Baum-Snow.
  • Institution: University of Pittsburgh Ph.D. in Economics Decision: Rejected Funding: N/A Notification Date: 03/24/2011 Notified through: E-mail Posted on GC: Yes Comments: Although I've already accepted at Irvine, never fun to be rejected. Oh well, as much as I love the Cathedral of Learning, my allergies will thank me for moving to SoCal
  • Institution: UCSD Economics Ph.D. Decision: Rejected Funding: N/A Notification date: 04/02/2011 Notified through: e-mail Posted on GC: yes Comments: Hate to be the one that opens up UCSD's rejection round, but here it is.
  • Institution: Boston College Economics Decision: Rejected Funding: N/A Notification date: 04/25/2011 Notified through: US postal service Posted on GC: no Comments: Confirming what I was told by the people at BC - rejected off of the waitlist.
    Waitlists: Boston College, Syracuse (sort of, anyway)
  • Institution: Boston College Economics Decision:Wait Listed Notification date: 3/3/2011 Notified through: Email Posted on GC: Yes Comments: Actually, pretty happy to be on the wait list. Better than a rejection!
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