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I really started doing this to learn perl and pick up coding again (I haven't coded from scratch since the late 1990s and now a days only spend a little bit of time in Java if anything), so my foo is especially weak. All of the code I've written is online, so if you want to do some stuff on your own, and want mine as a starting point, you can find it right here. dget collects the data, fgen generates the individual school html and xml files, index generates the index html file. I always plan on rewriting all of this to run smoother, be more effective, better commented, and more readable (basically, to be better in every possible way).

I am learning by doing mostly, and I enjoy the questions I have more than the answers, so while I am happy to get advice, please respect that this is as much a learning process for me as an opportunity . But I've never been the lead on a coding project, and the code isn't really ready for serious scrutiny.

So, basically, if you have any questions of the data, feel free to use the code as a starting point to addressing them, or feel free to ask me, and I can try to figure something out. If you code something up that is interesting, and want to upload it, feel let me know and I can put it up (the site is hosted by another user, and I'd have to ask to give you ftp access). If you rewrite my code, that is great as well, and as long as you comment well enough that I can read it, I'd be happy to switch to yours. As always, contact me at tm(dot)untitled(at)yahoo(dot)com, or PM untitled on testmagic.

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