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The data below comes from testmagic forums and shows accepted, waitlisted, and rejected applicants for 2010 for economics graduate school. Clicking on points in the graph above will make the most recent profile appear in the space below the graph.



killpueino 2011:
Type of Undergrad: BSc. Economics in a Economics and Business Scholl of the University of Chile (n 1 -2 depends on ranking of country)
Undergrad GPA: 3.1 (Equivalent) (Historically, the max of each cohort isn't over 3,5)
Type of Grad: N/A
Grad GPA: N/A
GRE: Q780 V510 E3 (In E I made a mistake and didn't sent one essay even when I have finished like 15 min before the deadline )
Math Courses: Calculus (B), Algebra (A), Analysis (Grad level) (B+), Optimization (A), Analysis (Undergrad level) (A+).
Econ Courses: Macroeconomics I (A+), Macroeconomics II (A), Introd. Macroeconomics Economics (A), Intro. Economics (B+), Intro Microeconomics (B+), Microeconomics I(C), Microeconomics II (B+), Industrial Organization (B), Labor Economics (B), International Finance (B+), Economic Policy (B+), International Economics (C+), Econometrics I (B), Econometrics II (B), Finance I (B+), Finance II (A), Applied Macroeconomics with Matlab (B+), Mathematics for Economics (A+), Economic Development (A), Economic History (C+), Public Finance (B+), Welfare Economics (B), Research Topics (B+)
Other Courses: Bussiness courses, average (B)
Letters of Recommendation: Two great LoRs (one a very known professor in the Economic Theory Field, and another one of a MIT PhD.)
Research Experience: R.A. in Macroeconomic Consultant Agency, with one of my letter of recommendation, R.A. twice as intern in the Central Bank of my country, one of them at the Financial Research Area.
Teaching Experience: I was Teaching Assistant and Head Teaching Asssitant of all Macroeconomics lectures of the School.
Research Interests: Macroeconomics, Financial Macroeconomics, Finance and Bubbles.
SOP: I talked lots of my experience and how I get into this field, Why I'm Applying, what do I expect and things I had to do to learn more about of economics (Like I travelled more than 130km for a 2 hours seminar from my city to the Central Bank each friday)
Other: I was encouraged to apply sooner than I was planning to, but I really wanted to start the PhD path before 26 (I have 25) to finish my PhD before 32).
Acceptances: Barcelona Graduate School of Economics (MSc), Universidade Nova de Lisboa (MPhill) (60% reduction of tuition, attending to)
Waitlists: N/A
Rejections: Bonn (MSc)
Pending: N/A
What would you have done differently? I would started my path in Economics before (I was in Engineering first). I would put some extra effort on the lectures I didn't liked and I would try to improve more my statistical basis, I also would liked to realize more Teaching Assistanships in different areas (like micro) also.
    Acceptances: Barcelona Graduate School of Economics (MSc), Universidade Nova de Lisboa (MPhill) (60% reduction of tuition, attending to)
  • Institution: Barcelona Graduate School of Economics MSc. in Economics Decision: Accepted Funding: No Notification date: May, 9th Notified through: e-mail Posted on GF: No Comments: Have almost 1 month to decide, which implies 1 month to make a deposit of 3k euros in their account to save the place.
  • Institution: Universidade Nova de Lisboa Research Master in Economics (MPhill) Decision: Accepted Funding: 60% reduction fee =D. Notification date: May 9th Notified through: e-mail Posted on GF: no Comments: Attending.
    Rejections: Bonn (MSc)
  • Institution: Bonn University (Not Bonn GSE) Master of Science Decision: Rejected Funding: - Notification date: May 31st Notified through: e-mail Posted on GF: no Comments: I really thought that I got in, but nevertheless I already had decided to attend to Nova's Research Master and also had paid the fee.
    Waitlists: N/A

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