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The data below comes from testmagic forums and shows accepted, waitlisted, and rejected applicants for 2010 for economics graduate school. Clicking on points in the graph above will make the most recent profile appear in the space below the graph.


zjg 2010:
Type of Undergrad: Large, mediocre state university. Econ/math double major.
Undergrad GPA: 3.5 overall, 4.0 economics, 3.0 math
GRE: 780Q/720V/5.0A
Math Courses: Real analysis, linear algebra, probability, statistics, operations research, diff eq, calc.
Econ Courses: Took 2 grad courses (1 field course in public finance, plus grad micro) as an undergrad. Had electives in experimental economics and public choice.
Other Courses: 4.0 in my general education classes.. like anyone cares!
Letters of Recommendation: 3 professors, all taught me as an undergraduate for multiple courses and were highly encouraging
Research Experience: After graduation, worked at a DC think tank evaluating health policy and got listed on some policy papers, presentations. Worked as an undergraduate RA but no publishing credit, just "thank ___ for excellent research assistance" type stuff.
Teaching Experience: None. Did some grading.
Research Interests: Empirical public choice. Behavioral.
SOP: Pretty specific. I finished undergrad in 2006 so I've had a lot of time to think about what I want to research.
Other: I have sort of an unusual list. I chose schools that recently or historically have had successful job placements for people doing research similar to what I want to do and/or had some faculty I really wanted to work with.
Tangentially, after graduating in 2006 I worked at a think tank and then worked 3 years as a systems engineer doing some modeling and statistical analysis.
Acceptances: George Mason ($15k, accepted), West Virginia ($16k)
Waitlists: Virginia (declined, but I suspect I would not have gotten in)
Rejections: Rochester, Maryland
Last year I applied only to George Mason, I was accepted with no $ offer. Pretty stupid move, I applied to a larger net and had a much better result this year. I knew I intended to accept if I got a good offer, and they were able to make one.
If I would have done things differently I wouldn't have taken a senior year of nothing but upper level math classes (I feel I could have performed much better). Also, I wouldn't have bothered getting a taste of the real world after graduation - the real world sucks!
    Acceptances: George Mason ($15k, accepted), West Virginia ($16k)
    Rejections: Rochester, Maryland
    Waitlists: Virginia (declined, but I suspect I would not have gotten in)

papertherapy 2010:
Type of Undergrad: Small American liberal arts college
Undergrad GPA: 3.75/4.00
Type of grad: None
Grad GPA: N/A
GRE: 780Q/630V/4.5 AWA
Math Courses: Calculus I (A), Calculus II (B+), Calculus III (B+), Ordinary and Partial Differential Equations (B), Statistics I (A-), Complex Variables (B+), Topology (IP), Linear Algebra (IP)
Econ Courses (undergrad-level): Intermediate Micro, Intermediate Macro, Advanced Micro, Advanced Macro, Econometrics, Game Theory, International Trade and Development, International Finance, Public Finance, Experimental Economics
Letters of Recommendation: 3 econ. professors, all undergrad
Research Experience: some data analysis and sorting, regression analysis project, Senior Thesis
Teaching Experience: Tutoringg
Research Interests: Game Theory, Econometrics, Trade and Development
Acceptances: UVA (No $), Indiana ($$), Pittsburgh ($$), West Virginia ($$), Lehigh ($)
Waitlists: None
Rejections: Penn State, Carnegie Mellon, Ohio State
Pending: None
What would you have done differently? Nothing,
Attending: Pittsburgh
    Acceptances: UVA (No $), Indiana ($$), Pittsburgh ($$), West Virginia ($$), Lehigh ($)
  • Institution: Lehigh University Economics PhD Decision: Accepted ($$ TA Ship) Notification date: 1/27/2010 Notified through: Email Posted on GF: No Comments:
  • Institution: University of Pittsburgh Economics PhD Decision: Accepted (Short listed for funding) Notification date: 2/25/2010 Notified through: Email Posted on GF: Yes Comments: really hoping for funding
  • Institution: West Virginia University Economics PhD Decision: Accepted ($$ TA ship) Notification date: 3/07/2010 Notified through: Email Posted on GF: No Comments: candidate for much Sweiger Fellowship
  • Institution: Indiana University-Bloomington Economics Decision: Accepted Funding: Nothing yet Notification date: 03/22/10 Notified through: E-mail Comments: pretty excited, hope to hear about funding soon
  • Institution: Virginia Economics Decision: Accepted Notification date: 3/25 Notified through: email to check website Posted on GF: Yes Funding: no mention yet Comments: waiting on funding; becoming a common theme
    Rejections: Penn State, Carnegie Mellon, Ohio State
  • Institution: Penn State University Economics PhD Decision: Rejected Notification date: 3/10/2010 Notified through: Email Posted on GF: No Comments: Oh well
    Waitlists: None


Admit summary statistics:
As submitted and recoreded from Test Magic:
There were 2 accepted out of 2 applicants.Of those accepted, average GPA was 3.63, average GREQ was 780.0.
No link to department posted statistics has been added, please let me know if these exist and I will add them.

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