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The data below comes from testmagic forums and shows accepted, waitlisted, and rejected applicants for 2010 for economics graduate school. Clicking on points in the graph above will make the most recent profile appear in the space below the graph.


miaataro 2009:
Type of Undergrad/Grad: BSc in Economics (minors in Mathematics, Statistics and Business Studies) and MSc in Economics (+ a still unfinished MSc in Statistics) from an unknown university in Finland.
Undergrad/Grad GPA: Overall 4.90, Econ 4.94, Math 4.83, Stat 4.94 (on a scale of 1-5)
GRE: 800Q, 390V, 4AWA
TOEFL: 111 (29R, 30L, 23S, 29W)
Math Courses: Unfortunately, they don't have illustrative names. I tooks a course sequence for a minor in math that dealt with the basic areas (linear algebra, differential calculus, integral calculus, real analysis, etc.) in more of an applied fashion.
Stat Courses: A lot. Mathematical Statistics 1 & 2 and Probability Calculus A & B + courses in time series analysis, survival models, mixed models, regression models, multivariate statistics, stochastic simulation, computational statistics, bayesian statistics, robust and nonparametric methods etc.
Econ Courses: A lot. Intermediate and advanced level courses in microeconomics, macroeconomics, mathematical economics and econometrics + courses in labour economics, regional economics, microeconometrics, applied econometrics, game theory etc. I also took the econometrics core course in the Finnish Doctoral Program in Economics during the ongoing academic year.
Letters of Recommendation: 2 economics professors and a statistics professor from my university and a research director from an economics research institute. I guess they all know me quite well and believe in me, so their letters should have been good in that sense. None of them were well-known, however (but apparently they had some important connections after all).
Research Experience: BSc and MSc theses in economics, RA for one of my economics professors for 7 months, two last summers as a research trainee in an economics research institute, two last falls as an assistant researcher in an economics research institute, a researcher in an economics research institute from January onwards.
Teaching Experience: None
Research Interests: Econometrics and empirical/applied microeconomics
SOP: Nothing spectacular. Tried to emphasize my research experience and convince the reader that my educational background in economics, mathematic and statistics is strong enough, I guess.
Acceptances: MIT, Tinbergen, LSE MSc EME (Research), Tilburg MPhil (2nd year), Uppsala (it was never official, though, as I withdraw my application)
Waitlists: -
Rejections: Princeton, UC Berkeley, Northwestern, U Michigan, UCL MSc
What would you have done differently? Absolutely nothing. I'm still amazed by my outcomes and really happy that I listened to my recommenders advice to try my luck with some of the top US schools. It definitely paid off...
    Acceptances: MIT, Tinbergen, LSE MSc EME (Research), Tilburg MPhil (2nd year), Uppsala (it was never official, though, as I withdraw my application)
  • Institution: LSE MSc Econometrics and Mathematical Economics (Research) Decision: Accepted Funding: I haven't applied for it yet Notification date: 28/Jan/2009 Notified through: LSE for You Comments: I am a living proof that someone from an unknown university and with relatively unknown letter of recommendation writers can get at least one excellent admit. This is unbelievable! An update to my funding situation: I didn't get any money at least from GSS.
  • Institution: Tilburg MPhil in Economics (2nd year) Decision: Accepted Funding: The decision is made later. Notification date: 18/FEB/2009 Notified through: Email Comments: I applied to the 1st year of the programme but was accepted to the 2nd year. I'm not sure whether that's actually a good thing for me or not .
  • Institution: MIT Economics Ph.D Decision: Accepted Funding: They congratulated me for my external scholarship and promised to consider me for additional aid once they know what this scholarship covers. Notification date: 3/2 Notified through: E-mail Comments: I've never been happier, honestly!
  • Institution: Tinbergen Institute Economics MPhil (+ PhD) Decision: Admitted Notification date: 3/9 Funding: Full scholarship Notified through: E-mail
    Rejections: Princeton, UC Berkeley, Northwestern, U Michigan, UCL MSc
  • Institution: UC Berkeley Economics Ph.D Decision: Rejected Funding: - Notification date: 3/2 Notified through: E-mail Comments: This was expected.
  • Institution: Northwestern Economics Decision: Rejected Funding: - Notification date: 3/4/09 Notified through: Website Comments: -
  • Institution: Princeton University Economics PhD Decision: Rejected Funding: - Notification date: 3/5 Notified through: E-mail
  • Institution: University of Michigan, Ann Arbor Economics PhD Decision: Rejected Notification date: 3/18 Notified through: Website
  • Institution: UCL MSc Economics Decision: Rejected Funding: N/A Notification date: April 21 Notified through: Postal mail
    Waitlists: -


Admit summary statistics:
As submitted and recoreded from Test Magic:
There were 1 accepted out of 1 applicants.
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