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The data below comes from testmagic forums and shows accepted, waitlisted, and rejected applicants for 2010 for economics graduate school. Clicking on points in the graph above will make the most recent profile appear in the space below the graph.


The MAN 2009:
Type of Undergrad: Bachelors at an unranked non-PhD state school
Undergrad GPA: 3.4
Type of Grad: none
Grad GPA: n/a
GRE: 800 Q, 560 V, 4.0 AWA
Math Courses: Calc 1 and 2
Econ Courses: All the prerequisites, Environ. Econ, Econometrics 1 and 2, Law and Econ, Telecom Econ, and a bunch of others
Other Courses: Computer Programming in C++, Physics
Letters of Recommendation: Three letters from instructors at unranked state school
Research Experience: None
Teaching Experience: Some tutoring experience
Research Interests: Public econ, environ. econ, tech. econ
SOP: Pretty standard SOP talking about why I want to pursue econ grad school, details on why I am a good candidate, and details on why I like the particular school.
Acceptances: NIU, U. of Delaware, UNM, Colorado State, Nevada-Reno, IUPUI, and Illinois State
Waitlists: none
Rejections: USF and Oregon
Pending: none
What would you have done differently? I would have taken more math classes as an undergrad. I'm planning on going for a masters and picking up some missing math classes before applying to PhD programs.
    Acceptances: NIU, U. of Delaware, UNM, Colorado State, Nevada-Reno, IUPUI, and Illinois State
  • Institution: University of New Mexico - MA Decision: Accepted Funding: TBA March 1 Notification date: Feb. 17 Notified through: E-Mail Comments:
  • Institution: University of Delaware Economics, MA Decision: Accepted Funding: TBA Notification date: 3/9/2009 Notified through: Postal Service
    Rejections: USF and Oregon
  • Institution: University of Oregon Ph.D. Economics Decision: Rejected Funding: N/A Notification date: 2/24/09 Notified through: E-mail Comments: This was my stretch school, so I'm not too shocked (and yes, I know everyone on this board is looking down on me for having Oregon as a stretch school). My lack of math background killed my application.
    Waitlists: none

AREStudentHopeful 2009:
Type of Undergrad: B.A. Econ from medium public university in Southeast US
Undergrad GPA: 3.4/4 and 3.7 in Econ
GRE: 740Q, 510V, 5.0AWA
Math Courses: Calc I & II, Intro Stats, before I graduate I'm taking Axiomatic Systems, Linear Algebra and Multivariate Calc (but it won't be on my transcript yet)
Econ Courses (undergrad-level): Intro to Micro and Macro, Intermediate Micro and Macro, Advanced Macro, Managerial, Natural Resource, Environmental, Comparative Economic Systems, Econometrics, Developmental, Money and Capital Markets
Other Courses: many env sci courses
Letters of Recommendation: 5 econ professors (1 Berkeley PhD, 1 Wake Forest PhD, 1 U of Chicago PhD, 2 NC State PhD) all should be very positive and all have connections at the universities I'm applying to
Research Experience: thesis paper for econometrics in gas pricing
Teaching Experience: tutoring for Capital Market econ and micro
Research Interests: environmental and natural resource econ
Concerns: My math background is not complete as I am still taking some important courses and my scores are not as high as they could be (every available GRE date seems to coincide with 3 other undergrad exams)
SOP: Done with all the basics covered
Other: ODE Honor Society Member
Applying to: Berkeley ARE, Maryland ARE, UC Davis ARE, UMass RE, UofC Boulder Econ-environmental concentration
  • Institution: UNLV Economics masters Decision: Accepted Notification Date: 04/03/2009 Funding: Will find out later, hopefully Comments: My first admit! Not my first choice, but I'm still excited
  • Institution: Colorado State ARE, masters Decision: Accepted Notification date: 4/15/2009 Notified through: E-Mail from grad secretary Comments: now I just need funding...
  • Institution: UNM MA Decision: Accepted Notification date: 5/6/2009 Notified through: email Comments: no funding
  • Institution: UC Davis ARE program Decision: Rejected Funding: N/a Notification date: 2/25/09 Notified through: website Comments: First decision is a rejection
  • Institution: Berkeley ARE ARE PhD Decision: Rejected Notification date: 3/6/09 Notified through: E-mail Comments: Saw this one coming...
  • Institution: Oregon State ARE ARE PhD Decision: Rejected Notification date: 3/7/09 Notified through: Postal Comments: This was one of my safety schools...I'm starting applications to masters programs this week.
  • Institution: University of Colorado, Boulder Economics, PhD Decision: Rejected Notification date: 3/12 Notified through: Email Comments: Saw this one coming after I got rejected from Davis ARE...
  • Institution: Maryland AREc Decision: Rejected Funding: nada Notification date: 3/23 Notified through: Testudo Comments: At least it's official now.
  • Institution: UMass RE, PhD Decision: Rejected Notification date: 4/29/2009 Notified through: postal Comments: not surprising, just LATE
  • Institution: University of Massachussetts Resource Economics PhD Decision: Waitlisted Funding: - Notified through: email Comments: The department said they had sent out the 1st round of decisions and that my app was in the 2nd round pile if there ends up being a second round


Admit summary statistics:
As submitted and recoreded from Test Magic:
There were 2 accepted out of 2 applicants.Of those accepted, average GPA was 3.40, average GREQ was 770.0.
No link to department posted statistics has been added, please let me know if these exist and I will add them.

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