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The data below comes from testmagic forums and shows accepted, waitlisted, and rejected applicants for 2010 for economics graduate school. Clicking on points in the graph above will make the most recent profile appear in the space below the graph.


Legatus 2008:
Type of Undergrad: Tucked away Canadian university
Undergrad GPA: 3.7
Type of Grad: None
GRE: Haven't taken
Math Courses: Calculus I,II,III, Intro ODE,Intermediate ODE, PDE (why oh why am I still taking DE's...?), Matrix Algebra, Real Analysis I, Math Stats I/II, Bayesian Stats
Econ Courses: Advanced Micro/Macro, Game Theory, Information and Incentives, Econometrics I/II, Grad Econometrics, Public Finance, some econ history classes (my favourite econ classes)
Letters of Recommendation: 2 from Economics professors, my advisor and a teacher I TA'd for
Research Experience: Undergrad Thesis
Teaching Experience: Lab instructor for Econometrics I
Research Interests: Econometrics, Labour, Macro??
SOP: Only UBC required a SOP, talked about my research interests, that I wanted to do a PhD eventually
Other: I'm a Canadian, 23, applying to the best my country has to offer. Not sure if I'll end up south or not, but for now I'm happy up here.
Acceptances: UWO($$), Queen's($$)
Pending: UBC(?), UofT
What would you have done differently? Probably wouldn't have applied to UBC if I had known they would lose parts of my application and then be impossible to get in touch with. I kind of wish I had written the GRE and had applied to programs in the states, but I am really happy with my results. Also, grades are important but I really think the decisions are made off of only a few key courses. Plus awesome recommenders doesn't hurt either (not in the famous way but in the 1000ehind you way).
    Acceptances: UWO($$), Queen's($$)

canecon 2008:
School: UBC
Major: Econ (Hons)
GPA: 3.5 (3.98 upper-econ, 3.98 math (excluding failed calc 1))
GRE: 800q 480v 5.0 AWA (despite the awful verbal I am native English speaker / English background)
Econ:Hon micro/macro I (A+'s) Game Theory (Hon) A, Hon Macro II A+, + intro metrics I/II (A+) + lots electives (mostly A+)
Math: Calc 1 (F first time then A), Calc 2, linear, multivariable, ODE's, probability(calc based), intro proof A+'s intro analysis A
Now Taking: Honours Thesis, Advanced Macro, Econometrics
Research: Thesis
letter of recommendation: 3 Assistant Profs, I say mediocre since I had no special relationship, just took their classes.
SOP: Pretty bad I think... that might just be me - but I didn't have any professors read it since I thought it was crappy (very bad reason I know - I expect I might have had spelling/grammar errors as well ). But I guess for Master's it doesn't matter that much.
Interests: Macro, Int trade/finance/development.
Decided to apply only for Masters:
LSE, UCL, Oxford, Cambridge, Warwick, UPF, UBC, Toronto, Queens, UWO, Stockholm.
My Concerns:
First year really sucked, second year was average. Only have 1.5 years of good grades.
Acceptances: LSE Msc (1 year, Res), UCL MSc, Warwick MSc, Oxford M.Phil (??), UPF MSc($$), Queen's MA ($$), Toronto Doc. Stream MA ($$), UBC MA ($$), UWO MA ($$),
Still Waiting: Cambridge M.Phil (B), Stockholm University MSc (Research)
Rejections: None (yet)
What would you have done differently?
-known that I was going to go for grad school (in econ) earlier
-started preparing to apply in the summer, or early sept, or early october. (didnt start applications earlier because very math-packed semester. No time in summer though b/c courses and GRE - basically crammed all the math I needed in last 8 mths I would have grades for).
-Looked into scholarship opportunities for study in UK (many seem to have deadlines around sept/oct. ) I started looking the next february/march.
-Basically I did what I could. Maybe should have applied to some PhD straight away, but still not sure what I want to do and I didn't really have time to put together good apps.
    Acceptances: LSE Msc (1 year, Res), UCL MSc, Warwick MSc, Oxford M.Phil (??), UPF MSc($$), Queen's MA ($$), Toronto Doc. Stream MA ($$), UBC MA ($$), UWO MA ($$), Still
    Rejections: None (yet)
    Waiting: Cambridge M.Phil (B), Stockholm University MSc (Research)


pevdoki1 2008:
Type of undergrad: Mid-sized state university (SUNY Binghamton)
GPA: 3.99 (math/econ double major)
Type of Grad: none
GRE: Q800, V470, AWA 4.5
Math Courses: Calc I-III, Linear Algebra, Intro to Higher Math, Complex Analysis, Real Analysis I-II, Mathematical statistics I-II
Econ Courses: The usual. No graduate level courses.
Other Courses:
Letters of Recommendation: 1 really good one from an economics professor who knows me well, 2 from math professors
Research Experience: Virtually none. Started a thesis, never finished
Teaching Experience: TA intermediate macro for 1 semester. 1 year of tutoring experience.
Research Interests: Macro and monetary, but these can change
SOP: Pretty good, I think. Standard 1st page, customized second (mentioning professors and all)
University of Minnesota ($)
UT Austin ($)
U Toronto (MA, $)
UBC (MA, $)
Indiana ($)
Rutgers ($)
Purdue ($)
Virginia (no funding)
Cornell (no funding)
Waiting list: none
Rejections: University of Western Ontario
No word: Queen's
What I would have done differently:
Applied to less lower ranked schools. However, I'm quite happy with getting into Minnesota (and WUSTL, for that matter).s
    Acceptances: University of Minnesota ($) WUSTL ($) UT Austin ($) U Toronto (MA, $) UBC (MA, $) Indiana ($) Rutgers ($) Purdue ($) Virginia (no funding) Cornell (no funding)
    Rejections: University of Western Ontario
    Waiting list: none

Admit summary statistics:
As submitted and recoreded from Test Magic:
There were 2 accepted out of 3 applicants.Of those accepted, average GPA was 3.60, average GREQ was 800.0.
No link to department posted statistics has been added, please let me know if these exist and I will add them.

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