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The data below comes from testmagic forums and shows accepted, waitlisted, and rejected applicants for 2010 for economics graduate school. Clicking on points in the graph above will make the most recent profile appear in the space below the graph.


canecon 2008:
School: UBC
Major: Econ (Hons)
GPA: 3.5 (3.98 upper-econ, 3.98 math (excluding failed calc 1))
GRE: 800q 480v 5.0 AWA (despite the awful verbal I am native English speaker / English background)
Econ:Hon micro/macro I (A+'s) Game Theory (Hon) A, Hon Macro II A+, + intro metrics I/II (A+) + lots electives (mostly A+)
Math: Calc 1 (F first time then A), Calc 2, linear, multivariable, ODE's, probability(calc based), intro proof A+'s intro analysis A
Now Taking: Honours Thesis, Advanced Macro, Econometrics
Research: Thesis
letter of recommendation: 3 Assistant Profs, I say mediocre since I had no special relationship, just took their classes.
SOP: Pretty bad I think... that might just be me - but I didn't have any professors read it since I thought it was crappy (very bad reason I know - I expect I might have had spelling/grammar errors as well ). But I guess for Master's it doesn't matter that much.
Interests: Macro, Int trade/finance/development.
Decided to apply only for Masters:
LSE, UCL, Oxford, Cambridge, Warwick, UPF, UBC, Toronto, Queens, UWO, Stockholm.
My Concerns:
First year really sucked, second year was average. Only have 1.5 years of good grades.
Acceptances: LSE Msc (1 year, Res), UCL MSc, Warwick MSc, Oxford M.Phil (??), UPF MSc($$), Queen's MA ($$), Toronto Doc. Stream MA ($$), UBC MA ($$), UWO MA ($$),
Still Waiting: Cambridge M.Phil (B), Stockholm University MSc (Research)
Rejections: None (yet)
What would you have done differently?
-known that I was going to go for grad school (in econ) earlier
-started preparing to apply in the summer, or early sept, or early october. (didnt start applications earlier because very math-packed semester. No time in summer though b/c courses and GRE - basically crammed all the math I needed in last 8 mths I would have grades for).
-Looked into scholarship opportunities for study in UK (many seem to have deadlines around sept/oct. ) I started looking the next february/march.
-Basically I did what I could. Maybe should have applied to some PhD straight away, but still not sure what I want to do and I didn't really have time to put together good apps.
    Acceptances: LSE Msc (1 year, Res), UCL MSc, Warwick MSc, Oxford M.Phil (??), UPF MSc($$), Queen's MA ($$), Toronto Doc. Stream MA ($$), UBC MA ($$), UWO MA ($$), Still
    Rejections: None (yet)
    Waiting: Cambridge M.Phil (B), Stockholm University MSc (Research)

CC_Blood 2008:
Type of Undergrad: B.A. in Economics at the University of St. Gallen, Switzerland (quite prestigious for Business in Germany/Switzerland, less so for Economics), I´m German so St. Gallen might even count as experience abroad
Undergrad GPA: 5.16/6, including a bachelor´s thesis (5.5/6)
TOEFL: 118/120
GRE: Not required for Warwick, but did it anyway for fun (without any preparation ). Q:780, V:580, Writing: 5.0
Math Courses: Maths 1 and 2 during the assessment year covering what a German student with a focus on maths would do in his final 2 highschool years, then econometrics, basic statistics, applied statistics, 2 courses featuring statistic/econometric papers (Health economics and population economics), linear models and variance analysis
Econ Courses: The usual stuff (Macro 1-3, Micro 1-3), international macroeconomics, economic history of the 19th and 20th century (2 courses), Public Finance I, Economic policy.
Other Courses: That´s where St. Gallen "excels"... basics of International Affairs, basics of Political science, several courses in Law, several courses in management theory, several courses in "critical thinking", "cultural awareness" and "leadership skills" (like PHP programming, rhetoric and philosophy of money).
Letters of Recommendation: 2, one from a visiting professor and one from a lecturer. Both barely knew me (had the the professor in 2 courses, and he supervised my bachelor´s thesis, but hardly spoke more than 10 words with him in 1 year, lecturer taught only one course with a written exam for 2 credits...), I don´t even know what they wrote in their letters.
Research Experience: Several papers and a bachelor´s thesis about the profitability of Imperial Germany`s colonies (if that counts =) )
Acceptances: Warwick, MSc in Economics-->going to attend this fall. University of St. Gallen, MA in Economics (they had to take me in since I did a sufficiently good BA at St. Gallen)
What would you have done differently?
Maybe attending Mannheim or Bonn in Germany as their Economics reputation is better in Germany, but I doubt I could have started a BA there back in 2004, so i would have done a Diplom (~Master), probably with no foreign experience at all and tougher chances for going abroad for the PhD.
Currently I´m doing a gap year with several internships (UBS IB, PwC, Deutsche Bank Research) before Warwick starts this fall, I tried to go to Warwick immediately after graduating from St. Gallen, but the final transcripts weren't available till late October which was too late for 2007 admission to Warwick.
    Acceptances: Warwick, MSc in Economics-->

canadamike 2008:
Type of Undergrad: BA Economics (Honours) from a top Canadian School (though not top in Economics)
Undergrad GPA: With 2 terms left, almost a 3.3 but if you look beyond first year it goes up to over 3.8
GRE: 790Q, 600V, 5.0AWA
Math Courses: Calculus 1, Algebra 1, and I failed Linear Algebra in first year
Econ Courses (undergrad-level): All the core courses plus advanced Econometrics and international economics courses (trade, finance, institutions). 83% Average overall
Other Courses: Philosophy minor
Letters of Recommendation: 2 Econ (1 Assistant Prof, 1 Lecturer) and for Oxford I got a 2nd Assistant Prof
Research Interests: Trade theory, sports economics
SOP: Done and Done
Concerns: Poor first year (poor is an understatement); only a 780verall; worried my bad first year performance will outshine my grades since
Applying to: LSE, Oxford, UCL, Warwick, Nottingham, Bristol, York
Acceptances: York (UK), Nottingham, Warwick
Rejections: LSE
Waiting: Bristol, UCL, Oxford
    Acceptances: York (UK), Nottingham, Warwick
    Rejections: LSE
    Waiting: Bristol, UCL, Oxford


Admit summary statistics:
As submitted and recoreded from Test Magic:
There were 3 accepted out of 3 applicants.Of those accepted, average GPA was 3.40, average GREQ was 790.0.
No link to department posted statistics has been added, please let me know if these exist and I will add them.

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