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The data below comes from testmagic forums and shows accepted, waitlisted, and rejected applicants for 2010 for economics graduate school. Clicking on points in the graph above will make the most recent profile appear in the space below the graph.



treasuries 2007:
Type of Undergrad: No. 1 university in my country in southeast asia
Undergrad GPA:
B.S. Economics: 3.44 (major 3.62)
B.S. Statistics: 2.98 (major 3.45)
B.S. Electronics Eng'g:
Type of Grad: No. 1 university in my country in southeast asia
Grad GPA:
M.S. Statistics: 3.40
GRE: Q 800, V 580, AW 4.0
IELTS: 7.5 overall
MATH Courses:
Calculus I-III, Linear Algebra, Finite Differences, Theory of Interest, Mathematics of Life Contigencies
ECON Courses:
Intermediate Micro & Macro, Mathematical, Quantitative, Monetary, Public, Labor, International, Development Economics
STAT Courses:
Probability Theory I/II, Matrix Theory, Parametric/Nonparametric Inference, Bayesian Inference, Regression Analysis, Sampling Designs, Experimental Designs, Categorical Data Analysis, Time Series I, Multivariate Analysis
Real Analysis, Probability Theory, Parametric Inference, Applied Multivariate Analysis, Linear Models, Sampling Designs, Time Series II, Multivariate Analysis, Econometric Methods, Stochastic Processes, Stochastic Calculus, Survival Analysis (Martingale Approach), Wavelets
Letters of Recommendation:
All my referees came from Statistics but they are unknown and do not publish in international journals. These are all strong recommendations because I've worked with them in at least one research paper. One referee was my graduate thesis adviser.
Research Experience:
Proposed a new econometric model in my graduate thesis. Several applied statistics papers with co-graduate students and also with graduate faculty members. Research associate at a World Bank funded research project headed by a senior faculty. Done market research consulting with Fujitsu and Motorola. My undergrad thesis in economics won a college and a national award and was presented at a local economic society conference.
Teaching Experience:
Taught statistics subjects for more than 4 years.
Research Interests:
Financial Econometrics
There was a severe weakness in my application: bad engineering grades. I told them the truth in three sentences, that I lost interest in the course and no matter how I tried I just didn't do well in it. Then I proceeded to elaborate on how I overcame this and eventually did well in my two undergraduate degrees. I presented a logical justification of jumping from stat to econ to stat as a strong preparation for PhD in econ later. I also highlighted whatever academic achievements I have to drown doubts about my intellectual ability and emotional maturity.
Presented paper to an Econometric Society meeting and it was then published in a local statistics journal. This paper consists of a proposed econometric model with derivations, monte carlo simulations and empirical evaluation.
Acceptance: Singapore Management U MSc by Research (full $), Toronto MA (?)
Waitlist: QEM Erasmus Mundus (got in eventually but declined)
Rejections: Purdue, SSE
What would you have done differently?
I was able to apply to only one U.S. and one Canadian universities because I took the IELTS instead of TOEFL for some reasons. I decided not to apply to some others that accept IELTS because I knew my chances were slim to nil. If I had TOEFL I would have applied to some more in the lower end of some U.S. programs. Yet, based on my current performance I guess I would not have done any better.
What lesson did I learn?
The quality of my research experience counted a lot more than my academic record. I had strong recommendations but not from well-known professors so research experience itself did not offset my weak spots. Perhaps real analysis and functional analysis from the Math department would have helped.
The admission to SgMU for another MSc will help me in my chances of getting admitted to a PhD program in the U.S. & in Canada. Of course, that is under the assumption that I'll do well there. I'm pretty much inclined to doing economic research so I guess that will be a natural motivation.
    Acceptance: Singapore Management U MSc by Research (full $), Toronto MA (?)
    Rejections: Purdue, SSE
    Waitlist: QEM Erasmus Mundus (got in eventually but declined)

Admit summary statistics:
As submitted and recoreded from Test Magic:
There were 0 accepted out of 1 applicants.
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